Kelly’s Roast Beef Saugus Closed: Worker Diagnosed with Salmonella

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Kelly’s Roast Beef temporarily closed its Saugus location after an employee contracted salmonella, officials said Tuesday.

Department of Public Health spokeswoman Ann Scales said there was “a single case of salmonella in a food handler.”

DPH is working with the Saugus Health Department to “take every measure to protect the public” and was “unaware of any cases of salmonella among customers,” Scales said.

In a statement posted to its Facebook page, Kelly’s Roast Beef said, “A Saugus Kelly’s Roast Beef employee has an illness and for the safety of our employees and guests the Kelly’s ownership has decided to close until further notice while proper testing is conducted.

“We have been approved to be open per the Saugus Board of Health, but due to having all of our employees having to be tested, we can not properly staff the restaurant,” the post continued.

Kelly’s said its Saugus location was the only one affected. The company did not respond to a request for comment as of press time, nor did the Saugus Board of Health.


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