Bar Harbor Grilled Lobster and Asparagus Flatbread

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Bar Harbor Grilled Lobster and Asparagus Flatbread

LobsterPizzaSimple to create and even more delicious to consumer! Lobstah Love!


2 tablespoons good quality olive oil

2 packages garlic and herb cheese such as Boursin or Alouette

2 cans (6.5 oz.) Bar Harbor brand Maine Lobster Meat, drained, cut into ½-inch pieces

½ bunch asparagus, roasted in a 375* oven for 12 minutes, sliced into ½-inch pieces

2-3 ripe Roma tomatoes, thinly sliced

Your favorite store-bought pizza dough or favorite homemade recipe

½ cup chopped fresh herbs such as basil, tarragon, chervil or chives

Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Preheat grill for high heat.  Divide pizza dough in half forming 2 balls.  Flatten each into a round about ½-inch thick.

Brush clean grill grate with olive oil.  Carefully place one disk of dough on hot grill.  When bottom crust looks brown, turn dough over using two spatulas.  Working quickly and carefully, brush olive oil over crust.  Top with dollops of garlic and herb cheese, Lobster Meat, asparagus, and plum tomato slices.  Close lid, and cook until cheese melts slightly and bottom crust browns.  Remove from grill, sprinkle with fresh herbs and set aside.  Repeat with remaining ingredients for second pizza.  Drizzle with olive oil, season with salt and freshly ground pepper and serve.



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