Publix posts Mrs. Stratton’s salad products Recall

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Publix posted the following recall onb its website.

Mrs. Stratton’s is issuing a recall of various chicken and tuna salad products. The action is in response to a recall initiated by our chicken supplier, Tip Top Poultry, Inc., notifying us of its chicken meat possibly being contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes at their production facility.

There have been no reports of sickness or illness to date associated with any consumption of products related to this recall.  Anyone concerned about a possible illness should contact a healthcare provider.

Mrs. Stratton’s is cooperating and coordinating its recall with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Consumers may return any of these products to the store were purchased for a full refund.

Information regarding Mrs. Stratton’s Salads, Inc. products sold at Publix affected by this recall:

Product Name GTIN Sell By Date
Mrs. Stratton’s Chicken Salad 12oz 0-75217-10021-8 Nov 15, 2019
Mrs. Stratton’s Chicken Salad 24oz 0-75217-10022-5 Nov 15, 2019
Mrs. Stratton’s Premium Gold Chicken Salad 11oz 0-75217-10095-9 Sep 30, 2019 – Nov 12 2019
Mrs. Stratton’s Tuna Salad 12oz 0-75217-10029-4 Sep 30, 2019 – Nov 12 2019

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