October is National Seafood Month and Bar Harbor Foods has You Covered.

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October celebrates Fall and National Seafood Month! Bar Harbor®’s got you covered with delicious, MSC sustainable seafood! Enjoy these beautiful, crisp, cool days as we promote healthy, thriving oceans!

Simple Summer Fish Burgers

This simple recipe will make summer meals a cinch! And using potatoes instead of bread crumbs makes it gluten-free and even more healthy. Get your Omerga-3, protein and potassium in a delicious Fish Burger you can make in minutes.


2 cans Bar Harbor® Smoked Sardine Fillets
4 large potatoes
2 Tablespoons chopped onions
2 eggs<
1 Tablespoon water
Salt and Pepper


Peel and cut potatoes, cover in cold water, boil to fork-done,
drain off water.
Mash potatoes and fish fillets together
Mix chopped onion, eggs and 1 Tbsp water
Blend well into potatoes and fish mixture
Form mix into hamburger-sized patties
Season with salt and pepper and sauté in greased skillet
until brown on both sides
Serve as a “fish burger” or as a healthy salad topper.

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