CDC: Multiple Cruise Ship Outbreaks of Norovirus from Frozen Fruits and Berries

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Here is what you need to know about the cruise line outbreak.

1.July to September 2019 Cruise Line X Experienced sudden unexplained outbreaks of acute gastroenteritis (AGE)on 10 cruise ships sailing in Europe.
2. Investigations by Cruise Line X no clear source of outbreaks.
3. September 18, 2019: CDC notified that cruise ship A of Cruise Line X sailing from  Germany to NYC.
4. September 22, 2019: No outbreak source for Norovirus.
5. September 23 2019: 117 of 2,2046 passengers and 8 of 610 crew members met the definition of acute gastroenteritis (AGE) and 3 tested positive for Norovirus.

6. October 7, 2019: Two more outbreaks on cruise ship B of Cruise Line X.

First outbreak: cruise ship B, 85 passengers, 10 crew members infected

Second outbreak: cruise ship A, 83 passengers, 10 crew members infected

7. Cruise line reported food questionnaires completed by ill passsengers implicated a smoothie made from frozen fruits and berries.

8. FDA found that food item lot numbers matched same frozen fruit and berry items from cruise ship A & B. FDA tested 16 frozen fruit and berry items, and three items tested positive for norovirus: raspberries (norovirus genogroup II), tropical fruit cocktail (norovirus genogroup I), and berry mix (norovirus genogroup I).

9. After removal of the fruit items, no further outbreaks were reported on cruise line X.

10. Upon further review of food provisioning, Cruise Line X determined that its food vendor had purchased several containers (nearly 22,000 pounds) of frozen raspberries of the same lot from a supplier in China beginning the end of June 2019.

11.  November 11, the World Health Organization issued a recall notice* for frozen raspberries traced back to China.

If you want to read the entire article you can find it here.

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