Costco is limiting how many steaks shoppers can buy

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Costco, the club retailer, has started to limit the amount of meat customers can buy at once.

The company, which attracts shoppers who want to buy in bulk, said in an update on its website on Monday that fresh beef, pork and poultry products would be “temporarily limited to 3 items” per member.

The limits come as production in the meat industry slows after widespread illnesses in slaughterhouses across the Midwest and South. Dozens of meat packing plants have been closed around the country since the coronavirus took hold. And in many of those that have stayed open, large numbers workers are not showing up.

On Monday, Tyson Foods, one of the world’s largest pork, chicken and beef producers, said that it expected further “slowdowns and temporary idling” of meat processing plants because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tyson did not quantify how much meat production had declined, but the union representing plant workers estimates that pork production has fallen by as much as 25 percent and beef was down 10 percent.


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