Red & Yellow Onions sold at Trader Joe’s Recalled

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Progressive Produce LLC is recalling a very limited quantity of red and yellow onions as a result of a recall initiated by Thomson International, Inc., which supplied affected onions to Progressive Produce. This recall  due to the potential for contamination with Salmonella.

The recalled products were sold on the West Coast, at Trader Joe’s (conventional red onions sold only in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah stores) and Ralph’s (conventional yellow onions sold only in California stores). The onions are sold loose in bulk bins. The red onions have a PLU sticker with the brand name Pacific Gold. No other Progressive Produce onions or other products are impacted by this recall.

Retailers that received recalled product from Progressive Produce have been instructed to remove any recalled product from their shelves and to dispose of any product that is remaining in their inventory.

Consumers who have purchased recalled products are urged not to consume them and to dispose of them immediately or to return them to the store for a full refund. Consumers may email Progressive Produce for further information at Consumers with concerns about an illness from consumption of the recalled products should contact a health care provider.

Progressive Produce has not received any reports of illnesses to date associated with these recalled items, although a current illness outbreak appears to be associated with certain onions supplied to a number of companies by Thomson International.

Progressive Produce is cooperating fully with FDA to facilitate the efficient recall of these onions. A photo of the red onion label is attached.

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