Hospitality Crisis

Posted on January 14, 2021 by


by Susan Reef, editor US Food Safety

The food and beverage, referred to as hospitality, industry has taken a blow that is unprecedented due to Covid-19.

The once robust hospitality is a shell of its former self. Closures, restaurants hibernating in colder climates, and a reduction in the workforce is heartbreaking.

Our business, that depends on certifying food service workers as part of its core business, has also suffered. Even if staff can be certified virtually, there is not the staff to certify. With consumers jittery about in-door dining, outdoor dining not feasible in many locations, and people heading individual state warnings to stay home, they don’t have the customer base to support operations. That leads to staff reductions.

With unemployment figures rising and disposable income at a premium, staying in a hotel, eating at a restaurant may not be feasible anymore for many Americans.

Think about it, it’s not just the US Food Safety that is impacted but other vendors that count on food service to survive. One more restaurant closure means another customer lost for local food suppliers, linen companies, liquor distributors, ice vendors and others.

Let’s hope that with the Covid 19 vaccine in the coming months, that we can all return to a state of semi-normalcy and get back to business.


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