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The Gods of Holidays: When Too Much is Good

September 27, 2012


 (Disclaimer: Every year we are inundated with stories about controlling our eating habits and how we need to refrain during the holidays.  I believe that to be false, stressful, and quite frankly, am tired of reading it.  Before the onslaught of recycled ideas telling us how to watch Christmas cartoons while walking on the treadmill […]

Organic Foods: Safer or Not?

September 17, 2012


Reports questioning whether or not organic foods are healthier than conventional foods have been making headlines lately but what about the safety level of organics, are they safer than other foods? A recent recall by a Northern California supplier of conventionally grown lettuce heightens concerns over food purity. The California company recalled romaine lettuce in […]

Cooking with the right stuff

August 13, 2012


In just the last few weeks, some significant food poisoning outbreaks have occurred. Three Australian Olympic badminton players came down with food poisoning while training in London and had to miss some of their warm-up matches. In Denver, 60 residents of a homeless shelter were hospitalized with food poisoning.  And nearly 30,000 pounds of ground beef was recalled in […]

The Real Story Behind Healthy Trends

August 1, 2012


These days, it can be difficult to know what you should and shouldn’t eat. For example, any food can be labeled as “natural,” because no regulations exist about the use of that word in food packaging.  Sometimes, when you investigate claims that a certain food or product is good for you, you may find that […]

Cutting Out the Junk Food?

June 27, 2012


Most people know that high-sugar foods like chocolate or pastries are junk, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The truth is that many foods fit into this category. The director of the Centers for Science in the Public Interest coined the term “junk food” in the 1970s to describe items that have […]