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A Simple Way for Restaurant Inspectors to Improve Food Safety

May 11, 2018 by


Basic tweaks to the schedules of food safety inspectors could prevent millions of foodborne illnesses, according to new behavioral science research. by Carmen Nobel Simple tweaks to the schedules of food safety inspectors could result in hundreds of thousands of currently overlooked violations being discovered and cited across the United States every year, according to […]

Coffee Protects against Womens Cancer, study finds

September 12, 2013 by


According to a study published yesterday by the American Institute for Cancer Research, physical activity and coffee protect against endometrial cancer. The study panel noted that there is a “strength of evidence” that body fatness and glycemic load are a cause of of endometrial cancer. The evidence that body fatness (which the Panel interprets to […]

Coffee drinking tied to lower risk of suicide

July 28, 2013 by


According to a recent Harvard University study, drinking coffee is tied to lower risk of suicide. Drinking up to six cups a day of coffee is not associated with increased risk of death from any cause, or death from cancer or cardiovascular disease. Some people may still want to consider avoiding coffee or switching to […]

Milk it does a body good, or does it?

July 2, 2013 by


by: Melissa Dahl Milk: Celebrities are constantly asking if you’ve got any, because, as the long-running ad campaign says, it does a body good. But a Harvard pediatrician is arguing that the current U.S. recommendation of three servings of dairy a day isn’t necessarily one-size-fits-all. For some, it may be a significant source of additional […]

Harvard hospital admits it promoted weak science on aspartame

October 25, 2012 by


By Robert Bazell, NBC News A new study finding a potential cancer risk from the artificial sweetener aspartame is so weak that Brigham and Women’s Hospital  — a Harvard teaching facility — is now apologizing for promoting the research. In other words, if you see a headline screaming, “Aspartame linked to cancer,” don’t believe it. But […]